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Competitive Analysis

Understand your market & identify key competitors

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Detailed research into the market landscape is critical for any venture into a new country. A key part of this due diligence is to identify and assess competitors on their strengths and current positioning, so that you’re able to make better informed decisions.

You need thorough, reliable intelligence on who they are, their market share and which opportunities have not yet been explored in your market.

IberBiz’s Competitive Analysis is an extensive research service produced over a 4-6 week period, spending at least two full days with your organisation’s key decision maker and management team.

What does the Competitive Analysis cover?

  • An understanding of your commercial objectives
  • Competitive SWOT analysis on your top 3 direct competitors and summary of their USPs
  • Research on competing universal service providers
  • Broad market assessment and research undertaken
  • Analysis of market expansion and actionable recommendations
  • Defensive strategy planning
  • Framework for local customer acquisition
  • Final takeaways
  • Elements of the analysis may vary depending on market, company or industry.

Whom is this service best suited to?

  • Organisations seeking to establish, maintain or increase their competitive advantage and increase profitability
  • CEOs seeking an independent, locally-based analysis of competition and recommended measures
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