Visa Opportunities for Non-EU Citizens: Living in Spain and Accessing Europe

Expert Guidance and Visa Assistance for Non-EU Residents Planning to Make Spain Their Home

Spain offers numerous visa opportunities for non-EU citizens looking to reside in the country and travel within the Schengen Area. Understanding these visa options is crucial, and at Iberbiz, we not only provide expert guidance on real estate investment but also include comprehensive support for visa applications as part of our services.


Residence Visas: Establishing a Life in Spain with Iberbiz’s Assistance

Non-Lucrative Residence Visa: For individuals seeking to reside in Spain without employment, our services extend to assisting in the application process, ensuring compliance with financial requirements and documentation.

Investor Visa (Golden Visa): Our team specializes in aiding investors interested in obtaining this visa by facilitating real estate investment procedures and guiding them through the application process.


Work and Study Visas: Pursuing Opportunities in Spain with Iberbiz’s Guidance

Work Visas: When clients aim to work in Spain, we offer guidance in understanding the employment visa process, aiding in documentation, and liaising with relevant authorities.

Student Visas: For students planning to study in Spain, we assist in navigating the student visa application process, ensuring compliance with educational institution requirements.


Long-Term Visas and Residency Permits: Facilitating Residency with Iberbiz’s Expertise

Long-Term Residence Permits: Throughout the process of transitioning from a temporary to a long-term resident, we provide continuous support, ensuring a smooth transition.


Traveling in the Schengen Area:

Schengen Visas: While Schengen visas are short-term, we provide guidance and information to our clients, ensuring their travel within the Schengen Area is hassle-free.


Iberbiz’s Comprehensive Support Throughout the Visa Process

Inclusion of Visa Support in Our Services: At Iberbiz, we go beyond real estate services. We include visa assistance as part of our comprehensive support for clients investing or buying property through our agency. Whether it’s understanding requirements, compiling documentation, or liaising with relevant authorities, our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth visa application process.

Post-Visa Settlement Support: Beyond visa approvals, we continue to assist clients in settling into their new life in Spain, offering connections to local resources and facilitating a seamless transition.



At Iberbiz, our commitment is not just limited to real estate services; we extend our expertise to assist clients in securing the right visa to live in Spain and explore the Schengen Area. With our inclusive approach and comprehensive support, we aim to make the process of relocating to Spain as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Contact Iberbiz today to benefit from our comprehensive services, including expert guidance on real estate investments and full support throughout the visa application process.