Securing a Future: A Dutch Father's Strategic Investment in Valencia


Mr. van den Berg, a discerning Dutch investor and a caring father, sought a unique real estate solution for his daughter’s upcoming studies in Valencia. His objective was not only to provide her with a comfortable residence during her time at university but also to make a strategic investment with potential returns.


Challenges Faced

  1. Short-Term Residence for Studies: Mr. van den Berg needed an apartment that would serve as a temporary home for his daughter during her studies.
  2. Long-Term Investment Potential: Simultaneously, he wanted to ensure the property had long-term investment potential, whether his daughter decided to stay in Valencia for work or return to the Netherlands after completing her studies.


Approach: Initial Consultation and Goals Assessment

At Iberbiz, we conducted a detailed consultation with Mr. van den Berg. Understanding his dual objective of providing immediate accommodation and securing a long-term investment was pivotal in devising a tailored strategy.


Market Analysis and Property Selection:

We identified strategic locations with proximity to the university and potential for long-term value appreciation. We selected a modern and conveniently located apartment that aligned with both the short-term and long-term goals.


Flexible Investment Strategy

Understanding the uncertainty of his daughter’s post-graduation plans, we crafted a flexible investment strategy. If she chose to stay in Valencia, the apartment would become her permanent residence. If she decided to return to the Netherlands, the property could be seamlessly transitioned into a rental investment.


Outcome Scenarios:

  1. Scenario A – Continued Residence: If Mr. van den Berg’s daughter decides to stay in Valencia after her studies, she now has a well-located, comfortable apartment as her permanent residence.
  2. Scenario B – Rental Investment: In the event of her returning to the Netherlands, the apartment becomes a lucrative rental property, capitalizing on the demand for well-located residences in Valencia.



By adopting a forward-thinking approach, Mr. van den Berg secured not only a convenient residence for his daughter’s studies but also a valuable long-term investment. This strategic investment allows for flexibility, ensuring that the property can seamlessly adapt to his daughter’s post-graduation choices, whether she stays or returns.