Seamless Expansion: Empowering Tech Company's Iberian Venture

At Iberbiz Asesores Inmobiliarios, our commitment to understanding diverse client needs led us to assist a Belgian tech company in establishing its Iberian branch in Valencia. This case study illuminates our strategic approach and successful collaboration in finding the ideal office space for our client’s expansion plans.


Client Background:
A leading Belgian tech company with a global presence sought to establish its Iberian branch in Valencia, Spain. Their expansion plan aimed to capitalize on Valencia’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, favorable business climate, and access to skilled talent.


Challenges Faced:
The client’s primary challenge was to find an optimal office space that aligned with their operational needs, company culture, and budget while also complying with local regulations and reflecting the innovative ethos of the company.



  1. Understanding Needs: We conducted in-depth consultations with the Belgian tech company to comprehend their specific requirements. This included the desired office size, location preferences, amenities, and infrastructure necessities.
  2. Market Analysis: Leveraging our extensive knowledge of Valencia’s real estate landscape, we analyzed lucrative sectors and identified areas that catered to the tech industry, considering accessibility, infrastructure, and business networking opportunities.
  3. Property Scouting: Our team meticulously scoured Valencia’s real estate market to shortlist properties that met the client’s criteria. We prioritized modern office spaces with tech-friendly infrastructure in thriving business districts.
  4. Customized Solutions: Presenting the client with a curated selection of properties, we offered detailed insights into each option, highlighting the advantages and potential for growth in Valencia’s tech hub.
  5. Relocation Package: We tailored a comprehensive package for the company’s employees. This package included assistance with housing search, legal formalities, local orientation, and support services to facilitate a hassle-free transition.
  6. Employee-Centric Solutions: Recognizing the importance of employee satisfaction, we prioritized properties in proximity to the office, with access to transportation, schools, healthcare, and recreational facilities to ensure the well-being and comfort of the relocated employees.


Solution Implemented:
After an exhaustive search, we identified a prime office space located in the heart of Valencia’s technological district. The property offered state-of-the-art facilities, ample space for future expansion, and a collaborative environment conducive to the company’s culture of innovation.

Alongside securing the office space, we curated a relocation package that facilitated a smooth transition for the employees relocating to Valencia. This package offered personalized support, ensuring that the employees felt welcomed and settled in their new environment.



  1. Seamless Transition: With our support, the Belgian tech company smoothly transitioned into its new office space in Valencia, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.
  2. Successful Establishment: The Iberian branch thrived in Valencia, benefiting from the city’s vibrant tech community, fostering partnerships, and attracting top talent.
  3. Strategic Investment: The client’s investment in Valencia’s real estate sector not only provided a functional office space but also positioned them strategically within the thriving tech ecosystem, enhancing their market presence.
  4. Employee Satisfaction: The comprehensive relocation package eased the transition for the company’s employees, fostering a positive experience and ensuring their satisfaction with the move.
  5. Enhanced Productivity: The seamless relocation contributed to the employees’ quick integration into Valencia’s community, enabling them to focus on their work and contribute effectively to the company’s growth.
  6. Stronger Company Culture: The supportive relocation initiative helped in fostering a cohesive company culture, emphasizing care and support for employees’ well-being.


This case study exemplifies our client-centric approach at Iberbiz Real Estate Advisors. By tailoring solutions to meet specific client needs and leveraging our expertise in Valencia’s real estate market, we helped a Belgian tech company strategically invest in a lucrative sector, facilitating their successful establishment in Valencia’s dynamic business landscape.