Exclusive Investment Opportunities: Prime Commercial Real Estate in Valencia

Client Overview:
At Iberbiz, we had the pleasure of assisting a visionary group aiming to establish a thriving chain of takeaway food outlets in Valencia. Their mission was to offer healthy, high-quality, locally inspired cuisine to both locals and tourists. Understanding the pivotal role of location in their business success, they sought our expertise to secure prime commercial properties in strategic locations across Valencia.


Client Needs and Objectives:
The client emphasized the importance of securing high-traffic areas with proximity to key landmarks, transportation hubs, and tourist attractions. They required spaces suitable for takeaway food outlets, preferably with existing infrastructure or adaptable for quick setup.


Challenges Faced:
Identifying prime commercial real estate in Valencia, especially in sought-after areas, posed a significant challenge. Additionally, balancing the client’s budgetary constraints with the desire for premium locations presented a complex scenario.


Iberbiz Strategy and Approach:
Our dedicated team at Iberbiz meticulously analyzed the Valencia real estate market, considering ongoing developments, foot traffic patterns, and commercial property availability. Leveraging our extensive network and market insights, we identified strategic locations that aligned with the client’s vision.


The Journey:

  1. Scouting and Selection: After conducting thorough market research, we shortlisted several potential locations that met the client’s criteria. These sites were in bustling neighborhoods such as the historic city center, vibrant plazas, and near popular tourist attractions.

  2. Property Evaluation: We conducted in-depth property evaluations, considering aspects such as footfall, nearby businesses, zoning regulations, and space adaptability for food outlets. This involved collaborating with local experts to assess infrastructure suitability for their specific business needs.

  3. Negotiation and Acquisition: Once the ideal properties were identified, our skilled negotiators engaged in discussions with property owners and stakeholders. We negotiated favorable terms on behalf of our clients, ensuring the acquisition of prime commercial spaces at competitive prices.

  4. Supporting Set-Up: Beyond property acquisition, we facilitated the client’s journey by connecting them with reputable local contractors and advisors to expedite permits, renovations, and setting up their takeaway food outlets efficiently.


Results and Impact:
Through our tailored approach, the client successfully secured multiple prime commercial properties in Valencia’s most coveted locations. These strategic investments allowed them to establish a network of thriving takeaway food outlets, enjoying high foot traffic and substantial patronage from locals and tourists alike.


At Iberbiz, our commitment to understanding client objectives, leveraging market expertise, and meticulous property selection empowered this group to realize their vision of creating a successful chain of takeaway food businesses in Valencia’s prime locations.