Elevating Investor Portfolios: Case Studies on Coliving Ventures in Valencia's Alboraya Area

In the picturesque district of Alboraya, Valencia, a French couple, Claire and Nicolas, embarked on an inspiring journey to materialize their vision of creating a unique coliving space in the heart of the Huerta Valenciana. Their aspiration was to establish a vibrant community hub where individuals could work, share experiences, and embrace a healthy lifestyle amidst Valencia’s serene landscapes.


Claire and Nicolas, both professionals in the tech industry, had a shared dream of fostering a collaborative environment that combined work, wellness, and a sense of community. Drawn by the allure of Valencia and its thriving real estate market, they set their sights on Alboraya due to its proximity to the city, coupled with its tranquil surroundings in the Huerta Valenciana—a region known for its agricultural heritage and lush greenery.


Conceptualization Phase:
Their journey began with extensive market research and meticulous planning. They delved deep into understanding the preferences and needs of potential residents—remote workers, digital nomads, and wellness enthusiasts. With the guidance of Iberbiz Asesores Inmobiliarios, Claire and Nicolas gained invaluable insights into the local real estate landscape, rustic land regulations, and identified a property that perfectly aligned with their vision.


Execution and Development:
The couple’s vision took shape as they transformed the selected property into a modern coliving space, blending contemporary design with elements inspired by the region’s cultural heritage. The space was meticulously crafted to offer private workspaces, communal areas for collaboration, and wellness amenities such as yoga studios, organic gardens, and outdoor meditation spaces.

According to local regulations, Claire and Nicolas collaborated closely with local artisans and professionals to ensure sustainability practices were integrated into the construction and operations, aiming to minimize environmental impact while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Creating Community and Impact:
Upon completion, the coliving space welcomed its first residents—a diverse group of individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle. Through curated events, skill-sharing workshops, and communal activities like farm-to-table dinners, the community blossomed, fostering meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.

The positive impact extended beyond the residents, as Claire and Nicolas actively engaged with the local community, supporting nearby businesses, and organizing initiatives focused on sustainable living and cultural exchange.


Results and Impact:
The coliving venture not only elevated investor portfolios but also exceeded the couple’s expectations. The space became a sought-after destination, attracting international attention for its innovative approach to coliving in the Huerta Valenciana.

Financially, the investment yielded promising returns, validating the viability of such ventures in the Alboraya area. More significantly, Claire and Nicolas witnessed their dream materialize as they saw individuals flourish professionally, socially, and personally within the community they had passionately built.


Claire and Nicolas’ journey exemplifies the success achievable through a well-executed coliving venture. Their collaboration with Iberbiz Asesores Inmobiliarios in navigating the nuances of the Valencia real estate market and their dedication to creating a holistic community space contributed significantly to their success in elevating investor portfolios while fulfilling their dream of establishing a thriving coliving environment in the serene landscapes of Alboraya’s Huerta Valenciana.